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The Walters Clan at the 145th National

Boy oh boy, did the Walters Clan have a heck of an outing at the 145th Spring National!

First of all, Jacob (Jake) Walters won 1st place Young Skirmisher at his FIRST NATIONAL!

And his grandfather, our Regional Commander, Ed Walters, got to present this award during Opening Ceremonies, Sunday morning of the National!

And ya'll I have to tell you....Mr Max was not to be outshone this last national! Max won 1st place Junior BB Gun!

As I was taking pictures, I had to get the names of the kids, so that I knew who I was photographing.....and Max looked up at me, hand on his hip, and said (deadpan) "You know who I am." And turned and took his place for his picture. I was laughing so hard I'm surprised I got good pics! I have since laughed over that several times.

Here's Max (right) with his first place Junior BB Gun team: Joey Plakis Jr, Jocelyn Plakis, and Lily Jenkins.

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