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Midwest Region News

In case you haven't heard, the Midwest Region lost a long-standing range at Centerburg Conservation Club. From what I've heard Centerburg has been a host to the N-SSA for nigh on 20+ years.

As it goes, from what I understand, there was a death and a change in board, and "boom" we're out. We all know how this goes, as we dealt with the same thing last year (sans the death).

As of now, the Midwest has moved their regional events to Pleasant Hill VFW. If you haven't been there - it's a great range, and the VFW does a hell'uva job for Friday and Saturday night dinners.

If you are able to support our southern neighbors, head on down to Pleasant Hill. It's a good event at a great facility. And support the VFW folks too!

Midwest Region skirmishes are listed at the bottom of the NWT Schedule page - with dates, host teams, and map links.

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