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About the N-SSA

North-South Skirmish Association (N-SSA) matches are the closest thing to Civil War combat with one exception: the enemy is the clock.


N-SSA team competitors shoot original or approved reproductions of Civil War period muskets, carbines, breech loading rifles and revolvers. And when we say "shoot", we mean it. These are live-fire matches, shooting at breakable targets in a timed match. And there's competition with mortars and cannons, too.

The home range for the N-SSA is Fort Shenandoah, located just north of Winchester, Virginia. Members come from all over the country each spring and fall to National competitions that traditionally open and close the year's activities. Competitions, called "skirmishes", are held throughout the summer in the associations 12 regions. At a skirmish, participating teams shoot at breakable targets in several timed events. The teams with the lowest cumulative times win medals or other awards.

The "Northwest Territory" (NWT) is one of the 13 regions that make up the North-South Skirmish Association. The NWT includes the entire state of Michigan and the northern portion of Ohio, including the Toledo area.

When it comes to competition with Civil War firearms, nothing excites the crowd like the cannons. The N-SSA has over 20 member units that compete with everything from smoothbore Napoleons to rifled Whitworths. At our Nationals, it's not uncommon to see as many as 40 cannon in action. Many of our members get the ultimate bang out of shooting the big guns.

The N-SSA has almost 3,500 individuals that make up almost 200 member units. Each represents a specific Union or Confederate regiment or unit and proudly wears the uniform they wore over 150 years ago.

If you're a Civil War enthusiast or black powder shooter ready for the experience of period firearms competition or are just in search of more information just click on Contact Us.

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