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7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry

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The original 7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry was formed in Monroe, Michigan in the summer of 1861. Most of the men came from the South Eastern area of the state and were for the most part farmers and lumberjacks. The officers were schooled at Fort Wayne in Detroit and then trained the men at Monroe. The regiment left Monroe in September of 1861 and were brigaded with the 19th & 20th Mass, near Washington. Their first battle was as support troops at the disaster of Ball's Bluff. With the formation of the Army of the Potomac the regiment was placed in the 3rd brigade, 2nd Div., 2nd Corp. At Fair Oaks during the peninsula campaign three members earned the Medal of Honor for gallantry on the field.

The regiment fought in the major battles in the East suffering heavy casualties at Antietam. At Fredericksburg the regiment manned the boats to storm the bridgehead and move the enemy from the town. At Gettysburg the regiment was stationed near the high water mark and were commended for their fighting. A chance for another Medal of Honor was lost, when an unidentified Union officer forced a member of the regiment to give up a captured rebel flag. After Gettysburg the regiment was detailed to assist in putting down the New York draft riots. The regiment had enough members re-enlist in December of 1863 to become a veteran unit and fought through the end of the war. A fourth Medal of Honor was won by Sgt. Alonzo Smith for the capture of a large number of the 26th North Carolina and their flag. The regiment had a total membership of 1,393. Its losses were: Killed in action, 6 officers, 123 men; died of wounds, 5 officers, 47 men; of disease, 3 officers, 154 men; a total of 338 officers and men.


The current 7th Infantry was formed in Monroe in 1972. The uniform chosen was one worn by Cpl. LaPointe in September of 1861, as a member of Company D (Monroe Light Guard). The uniform is a militia gray with dark trim. At the units inspection for N-SSA membership the team won uniform honors for that Nationals.

The current membership comes from the Monroe, Toledo and Lansing areas. We compete in musket carbine and mortar competition. The unit's mortar team has been in existence for less than three years and has placed in the medals twice at the Nationals, as well as winning many honors at the various regional skirmishes.

The unit is family oriented and enjoys the campfires and friendly team competition.

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