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4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry

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The Fourth Michigan Volunteer Infantry was recruited from the southern tier of counties of the State, and was organized by Colonel Dwight A. Woodbury at Adrian Michigan. Like some of the other regiments from Michigan, it was comprised of independent companies including militia men from the towns of Tecumseh, Jonesville, Hudson, Barry, and Sturgis. The Organization of the regiment was completed at its rendezvous in Adrian, and it was mustered into Federal Service for three years, June 20 1861. The Fourth Michigan was uniformed and equipped for field service before it left the state, and it started for Washington D.C. on June 25th, 1861, with an enrollment of 1,025 officers and enlisted men.

The Fourth took a most honorable part in McClellan's Peninsular Campaing of 1862. During this campaign the Fourth added to its record of valor at Hanover Court house, Mechanicsville, and Gaines Mill. At Malvern Hill, Colonel Woodbury fell at the head of the regiment, bringing a closing to his brilliant military career.

After the Peninsular Campaign, the Fourth Michigan took part in the battles of Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg. The spring campaign of 1864 opened with a death grapple of Union and Confederate armies in the battle of the Wilderness. From this time until the aspiration of its term of service in June, 1864, the Fourth was continuously engaged with the enemy and took part in the bloody battles along the North Anna and Pamunky Rivers. It was engaged before the works of Petersburg when the enlistments ran out and the regiment was pulled from the line. The soldiers then returned to Detroit, Michigan, and then home.

One hundred and twenty men re-enlisted and returned to service. This time, the Fourth Michigan was sent to the West where it saw action in Tennessee and Alabama. The Regiment remained on duty in the south until May, 1866 when it was mustered out of Federal service and returned again to Michigan.

The Fourth participated in over 40 engagements and suffered more than 190 killed and mortally wounded, and over 200 who died from disease.


The reformed Fourth Michigan came together in 1960 at Dundee, Michigan under the guidance of Mike Yeck, who later would become the Commander of the Northwest Territory. In addition to serving as the region's Commander, Mr. Yeck allowed the region to use his farm outside of Jackson Michigan for a long period of time, for its skirmishes.

Over the intervening years the original roster of 8 members has gown to 22 and the fourth has established an enviable record of skirmish firsts. They became the first team to include carbine team matches at a regional skirmish. The Fourth also has the distinction of introducing the pressboard stake event at skirmishes along with a curious event known as the Michigan Liar's target, an event based around truly rapid firing of Civil War firearms. In addition to this, the Fourth has sponsored many skirmishes over the years. Many of these were held at the Heritage Range, owned by Mike Yeck, near Jackson Michigan.

The Fourth has survived some very lean times in the 1980's, almost to the point of disbanding. In the Early 1990's some new blood and a commitment to team effort has turned the Fourth Michigan back into a contending team once again. The Fourth is always on the lookout for new talent, and is committed not only to excellence as a team, but also to having a great time in this great sport.

Currently, the 4th Michigan has members in southeast Michigan including the metro Detroit area and also members in Carlton, Manchester, and Midland areas.

The 4th Michigan Infantry also participates in the American Civil War Shooting Association (ACWSA).

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