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Keith Davis, NWT Public Information Officer.

Save the Flags
Rich and Jan Cross and Bruce and Terri Miller recently "adopted" flags of the 1st Michigan Volunteer Infantry in the State of Michigan's collection. Both couples are long-time members of the N-SSA/NWT 1st Michigan. Included in the ceremony was an exclusive viewing of the entire collection at the State Museum and Archives that included several of their team mates. One of the great successes of Save the Flags, the project to preserve, research and display 240 battle flags carried by Michigan soldiers in the Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War I, has been its "adoption" program. For a donation of $1,000 individuals, families, organizations, schools and communities help with the preservation, research and display of the flags by "adopting" flags in the collection. To date, over 150 flags, mostly from the Civil War, have been adopted, providing the project with much needed funds. Adoptions also help preserve history by commemorating particular regiments and individuals. Adoptions are often made in the name of the original regiment which carried that flag into battle or adopted in the name of a veteran by his descendants. Those adopting flags are honored in a special ceremony. They are given a photograph of the flag they have adopted and a legislative tribute signed by the governor and members of the legislature. Their names are also added to a "Roll of Honor" plaque displayed in the flag exhibit area at the Michigan Historical Center. Cross-Miller Donation

The 14th Tennessee kicked-off the Northwest teritory season in fine style at the Lansing Gun Club. With storms threatening both Saturday and Sunday, the skirmish went off without a hitch. There were some fine individual scores as Don Howard led the pack with a 49-2X with his smoothbore. When you see him, ask him what size roundballs he was shooting!

In the team events, 1st Michigan Co. A led all the other smoothbore teams in the dust with a convincing 42 second lead over the 111th OVI in 2nd place with the 7th Tennessee finishing in third and only 0.2 seconds behind. That was close!!

Winning Carbine teams were: 111th OVI in Class A-1; the 1st South carolina in Class A-2; and the 111th OVI in Class B.

Winning Musket teams were: 111th OVI in Class A-1; Battery C in Class A-2; 5th Battery in Class A-3; and 111th OVI in Class B.

The skirmish was well-run and everyone had an enjoyable start to the 2017 season. Next on the agenda is Defiance on 7-9 July. See you there . . . .

135th Spring Nationals
What a great Spring National! We have seen some bad weather at the fort in the past but this one was nearly perfect. There were some cool evenings and a few warm days but there was no “liquid sunshine”! There were also some very notable experiences on the range side of the firing line. First and foremost, congratulations to Keith Montresor and Rudy Ruzicska. Both of these gentlemen achieved 50 years of skirmishing in the N-SSA. They have put a lot of lead downrange and have seen tremendous change in the organization over the years. Through it all, you will still find them standing on the firing line participating in the sport they love. Congratulations! The NWT was well represented when it came to shooting achievements at the 135th Nationals. Some of the highlights include: - Larry Flees won the coveted Warburton Trophy for 1st Place Carbine Aggregate. In looking at the names of the previous winners, Larry is (deservedly) in esteemed company. - Kathy Kindle took 1st Place in 50 yard Carbine. What makes this even more impressive is she had the top score of all four classifications. Can you say movin’ on up? - The 14th Tennessee achieved a team-first by medaling in both Carbine and Musket. They finished in 4th Place A-3 Carbine and 5th Place A-3 Musket. Nice shooting! - The 111th Revolver team won a 6th Place medal in Class 1. The team was comprised of Rob Trost, Donnie Howard, Dave VanAmburg and Mark Miller on loan from the 1st Michigan. This was Mark’s first-ever National medal and he was beaming from ear-to-ear the entire weekend. I hear Dave has been enrolled (by his teammates) in a target recognition class. - Battery C team won a 2nd Place medal in Smoothbore and missed 1st Place by a mere 0.6 seconds. Congratulations on the 2nd Place, Ouch on the 0.6 seconds! - The 111th Musket A-team brought home a 9th Place medal. The NWT Skirmish invitations are coming in so check the Schedules & Maps section of the web site for details. Next on the agenda will be the Laingsburg-1 skirmish. See you there!

Upcoming 2017 Season
The Laingsburg-1 Skirmish Invitation has been posted to the NWT Web page as well as a map to the Maybee, Mich Skirmish. Both can be found under the Schedules section. Don't forget about the NWT Commander's Meeting on March 12th at the Washtenaw Sportsmans Club, beginning at 10 AM.

Upcoming 2017 Season
I hope all is well and you are getting through the 2016-2017 winter season without too much cold and snow. This is the time of year of lead pots and casting bullets. After a year of computer crashes and lost files, I am back on the web and just posted the 2017 NWT skirmish schedule. New this year will be a skirmish at the Maybee Sportsman's Club range at 11490 Hoffman Rd, Maybee Michigan replacing the shoot at Carleton. Once I can come up with a map, I will post it to the web site. For the NWT team commander's, the NWT Spring meeting will be held March 12th at the Washtenaw Sportsman's Club. If you have any agenda items, make sure you get them to Dave Mandy, Hugh McLeod or Chuck Kindle.

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