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Keith Davis, NWT Public Information Officer.

Carleton-2 Skirmish
Wow, two skirmishes at Carleton in 2012 and neither one had rain or mud. I believe in the years that we have been skirmishing at this range, that is a first. Many thanks to Skirmish Director Jim Weber and the gang from Battery C for hosting a well-run skirmish. A fun time was had by all! This was the swan-song to the 2012 NWT calendar of events and the regional champions were crowned at the conclusion of Sunday's events. Awards for the NWT Championship go to:

NWT Carbine A-1 1st Place: 111th Ohio 2nd Place: 1st Michigan 3rd Place: 5th Battery

Class A-2 1st Place: 21st Michigan 2nd Place: 19th Michigan 3rd Place: 14th Tennessee

B Carbine: 1st Place 111th Ohio 2nd Place: 1st Michigan

NWT Smoothbore 1st Place: 111th Ohio 2nd Place: 1st Michigan

NWT Musket A-1 1st Place: 111th Ohio 2nd Place: 1st Michigan 3rd Place: 5th Battery

Musket A-2 1st Place: 4th Michigan 2nd Place: Battery C, 1st Mich Lt Art 3rd Place: 19th Michigan

Musket A-3 1st Place: 21st Michigan 2nd Place: 24th Michigan 3rd Place: 14th Tennessee

Musket B 1st Place: 111th Ohio

For those going to the Fall nationals, have a safe trip and I will see you on the firing line. Don't forget about the NWT meeting to be held on October 21st at 10 AM at the Washtenaw Sportsmen Club.

Carleton-1 Skirmish
Many thanks to our hosts, the 1st South Carolina and 1st Michigan for putting on a great Carleton skirmish. There was no rain or mud! Behind the leadership trifecta of Skirmish Director Dan Gibson, Bruce Miller (tower) and Bob Anderson (stats) along with a very able supporting cast, Carleton-1 went off without a hitch. Can you believe it that there was no rain or mud? Saturday had a very full plate of activities as we saw our first team Henry shooting in the region in quite a long time as it progressed seamlessly during the Saturday individual competition. The 50/50 pigeon elimination board was an added event and nice twist from our usual routine. The Smoothbore match saw a total of 14 teams competing for top honors. The 111th Co A took 1st place but was followed closely by Batt C and 5th Batt; only 1 second separated 2nd and 3rd place.

Sunday morning was a bit of a challenge for the musket shooters as there was little to no wind to blow away the smoke, this coupled with a sun in your face which made the pigeon board event much more difficult than usual. On the good side, there was no rain or mud! Musket classification winners were the 111th OVI in Class A-1, 4th Mich in Class A-2, and 14th Tenn in Class A-3. Did I mention there was no rain or mud???? Hopefully the good weather will hold for Batt C's skirmish in Sept. Per Jim Weber, just show up and bring money!

Three cheers for the 1st Michigan Engineers & Mechanics for hosting their Band of Brothers skirmish honoring Don, Ron and Carl Walters. It was a beautiful weekend and the range in great condition for our friendly skirmish weekend. Skirmish Director Jason Walters ran a very smooth and efficient program all weekend. From those working behind the scenes to those in the tower and performing near the firing line, the 1st went above and beyond.

Thanks also go out to Kevin and Donna Coney for running the youth BB-Gun program for our future skirmishers. The facilities at laingsburg are limited and do not allow concurrent shooting for the young-guns. After the days activities were completed on Saturday, Kevin and Donna had access to the range and worked with the kids. I think those kids would have shot until midnight if allowed.

Finally, the NWT Picnic on Saturday evening was a huge success with many wonderful dishes to sample. Thanks to Peggy Edwards-Shaw for coordinating this annual event. Laingsburg provides the perfect setting for the picnic and the food was enjoyed by all. The next skirmish will be held at Carleton the weekend of Aug 2012. This will be an event free skirmish for all NWT units so there is no excuse for not signing up and entering your Henry, Carbine, Smoothbore or Musket teams. Your co-hosts, 1st Michigan and 1st S.C. ask that you get your teams registered as soon as possible so they have a good sense about the number of teams coming in order to ensure the targeting is available. Lets keep our fingers crossed that it will be a dry weekend at Carleton. See you there . . . .

NWT Picnic
The NWT Picnic will be held at Laingsburg 2, Saturday evening, July 28th. It will commence one-half hour after the last shooting event. Remember to bring your own utensils and plates. The region will be providing the meat and you are requested to bring a side dish based on the following:

A thru I, meat or pasta; J thru R, Salad or hot vegetable; and S thru Z, dessert, bread or rolls.

Defiance Skirmish
The annual Defiance skirmish went off without a hitch and had a nice blend of NWT and MW teams. There were even several shooters from the 17th Virginia present. The days were a bit on the warm side but at least it cooled off at night for a decent sleep; at least that was true Friday night. On Saturday, Defiance held its first ever Mortar match with four pieces present. Artillery Officer Ben Betterley ran a smooth show and the four pieces gave the audience some quality entertainment; the banter between a few of the teams was hilarious. Congratulations to the 7th Michigan for winning Defiance's first-ever mortar match.

Next on the agenda is the second skirmish at Laingsburg being held Aug 28-29. Don't forget, the NWT pot-luck will be held Saturday evening.

Laingsburg-1 Skirmish
The NWT skirmish season got off with a bang and it looks like the 5-person team format is a success. There was a very good participation by most all region teams. Did you hear the one about the 111th B-team for smoothbore? If not, just ask Kathy Kindle and she will tell you all about it. Team scores have been posted to the NWT web site under Current Standings.

Next up on the agenda is Defiance from 13 - 15 July. Like last year, there will be Friday individuals starting at 1 PM. New this year, Defiance will be having a mortar match for the 1st time. This will be one-year trial basis and will be evaluated after the match to see if it will become an annual event. Hope to see you there.

125th Nationals
The 125th Nationals has come and gone and the teams of the Northwest Territory played a significant role in its success. Hosting this nationals were the following NWT teams: 8th Michigan, 15th Virginia, 24th Michigan, 111th Ohio and the Huron Rangers. In my 30 years of skirmishing, I have never seen weather conditions this good. There was one day of rain during the preparation but starting on Wednesday, you could not have ordered any better weather conditions. Of course, this means that in the fall, we will pay dearly and likely have a tropical storm blow in the first weekend in October so bring your rain gear.

In addition to those NWT teams that brought you the 125th, there were a few teams who actually shot and excelled in their particular classification. Congratulations go out to the following: 19th Michigan, 5th Place Musket, Class A-3 1st South Carolina, 9th Place Musket, Class A-3 Ive said it before and will say it again, anytime you can come home from the nationals with a medal around your neck, that is a tremendous accomplishment.

So now it is off to our NWT Regional skirmishes with the first one being June 16 17 at Laingsburg brought to you by the 5th battery and 7th Michigan. Invitations and directions are posted on this web site under Schedules and Maps. Hope to see you there!

2012 Season
The Spring NWT meeting took place on Saturday, March 10th at the Washtenaw Sportsman Club. It was a productive and efficient meeting and we finished in time for a few of the Michigan State fans to get home in time for their basketball game against Wisconsin. Congrats to the Sparty fans! Minutes from the NWT meeting will be published and distributed by Dave Mandy. Noteworthy items from the meeting include:

The NWT Picnic will once again take place on Saturday evening Jul 28 at Laingsburg. Stay tuned for further details from Peggy Edwards-Shaw.

The NWT skirmish schedule is now posted to the web page as well as the 2012 team classifications for carbine and musket. For the classifications, just go to the Current Standings and click on the musket or carbine link under 2012 Season Totals.

There will be a Saturday evening artillery demonstration at the Spring Nationals and Hugh McLeod and company may be representing the NWT.

Skirmish Invitations

Skirmish Invitations are now being posted to the Schedule and Maps page of this web site. Currently posted are the June Laingsburg, July Defiance and Aug Carleton invitations. Others will be posted as they are received.

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